Planting & Landscape Design



Choosing the right tree for your yard can be a challenging task. There are many factors involved before making your selection. Begin your selection process by asking: Why do I want a tree? For shade? Privacy? Need something to look pretty? Or to block the view of the neighbor’s less-than-lovely backyard? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself – here are more things to consider and which we can help you to make the right decision:

Is the area shady or sunny?

Is there sand or clay in the soil?

Is it a narrow or wide planting area?

How tall do you want the trees to ultimately grow?

What is the growth rate of the tree?

Are you prepared to do tree maintenance or prefer maintenance free?

What is the proper spacing of the trees?

Do you want a privacy “wall” of trees or a more ornamental look?

Do you have the proper watering in place for the trees – do you know what the watering requirements are?

Do you need to block out an unsightly eyesore or nosy neighbors?

These are just some of the questions you must answer prior to making your tree selection. Trees are an investment and will beautify your outdoor surroundings.

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“An Educated Decision Is The Best Decision”