Soaker Hose Watering System

One of the most critical aspects after choosing the right trees and plantings to meet your needs is having an adequate watering system. While an irrigation system is fine for low lying plants and shrubs, it is not effective enough to deliver the correct water required for larger trees.

Our Soaker Hose Watering System is a low cost but highly effective way to ensure your newly planted privacy trees are receiving the water they need. A soaker hose (or drip line) produces a steady drip of water so that almost no water is lost to surface runoff or evaporation — all of the water goes to your plants. It also means very few nutrients leach down beyond the reach of plant roots.

We provide all the materials and labor to install a commercial grade drip line that will connect to a nearby sprinkler head on your existing irrigation system or to your garden hose (we also provide you with a manual timer which we attach to the spigot for ease of use).

Soil across Long Island differs from town to town so finding the correct watering regimen is key to the health of your trees.

We recommend that after a watering day, check your soil to see if the moisture has penetrated several inches, then adjust accordingly. When you find the magic number for your conditions, use the provided timer to water the same number of minutes every time.