Planting & Landscape Design

Planting trees to create the privacy you need can be intimidating. Discount Plantings takes the guesswork out of what trees to plant and where to plant them.

Evergreen trees can add immediate, effective, and natural privacy & protection for your property. If you don’t know what trees should be planted in your space – that’s not a problem! We have the knowledge to help you decide which trees would be the best choice.

We’ll happily provide a free professional consultation and installation that meets your needs!

You can trust us to determine the best tree for your yard or transplant existing trees to keep your relationship going for years to come.

Planting trees offers a variety of benefits to you and your property. Adding trees to your landscape will enhance curb appeal and property value as well as beautifying your view and giving you the privacy you need.

We also offer transplanting services for trees on your property that are not in the most ideal growing location. Transplanting is a precise process best completed by a tree care professional. Expert knowledge of tree conditions that affect a transplanting job are essential to ensuring the survival of your tree. Discount Plantings are equipped to handle the varying factors you must keep in mind to safely and successfully transplant a tree.

The planting of a tree can be difficult task and can lead to tree damage or complete loss of the tree if not done correctly.

Here are just some things that need to be taken into consideration when tree planting:

  • Select trees carefully that are free of defect and disease – we only deal in
    Grade 1 healthy trees direct from the farm.
  • Ensure the soil is free of root barriers.
  • Plant trees so that the root flare is above ground slightly
  • Plant trees in a hole only deep enough to contain the root system
  • Plant trees in a hole wide enough to contain the root system
  • Irrigate newly planted trees from the surface – please see our “Soaker Hose Watering System”

There is so much more that goes into correctly planting trees as to promote healthy growth – that’s why at we have a knowledgeable crew with years of experience at what they do. 

We give you free high-grade organic fertilizer with every tree planted.

We talk to you about your watering situation to ensure the health of the trees.

We provide spring and fall fertilization service as well as winterization of the trees (See other services)

Privacy Trees