Evergreen Winterization

Winterize Your Evergreens...Protect Your Investment!

The temperatures will be dropping rapidly here in the northeast so mid-December is the time to apply our Winter Protective Spray to your evergreens to protect them from winter damage. In the winter when the ground freezes making water unavailable, evergreens are especially susceptible to water loss damage.

Winter cold and winds can be harsh on your landscape. Evergreen trees and shrubs maintain foliage throughout the winter months where they continue to lose moisture due to the frozen ground – but you can take steps to minimize any winter damage they will suffer.


Evergreens are susceptible to winter burn and drying from the harsh winter winds and heavy snow here on Long Island and anywhere winter temperatures drop below freezing. Extreme drying is caused by moisture loss from the needles. A precautionary measure for this drying is the use of our Evergreen Winter Protective Spray which can help to prevent damage to your evergreens.

This process works extremely well for evergreens, as well as all plant material you have – helping their natural moisture retention process by adding an additional protective layer to the needles or leaves. The spray that we apply forms a protective waxy coating over the foliage of your plants. This coating reduces and prevents winter-burn, water loss and winter damage to your evergreens.