Spring & Fall Fertilization

Evergreen Fertilization

Protect your investment with fertilization to bring out a healthy green color in your trees & shrubs

Do your evergreen trees and shrubs look washed out and tired? Protect your investment with Spring & Fall fertilization and bring your evergreen trees back to life with our very own high-grade organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer is essential in promoting overall growth and vibrant color. Applying fertilizer to your trees and shrubs has many positive benefits. First, when the soil lacks the proper nutrients, your trees and shrubs are more susceptible to disease and insects. Getting these nutrients back into the soil can restore your plants and give them healthier, long lasting colors. Fertilizing also helps strengthen the root systems in your trees making them stronger and less prone to damage. Overall, a plant that is fertilized will live longer than a plant that is not.

We offer extremely low prices to help you bring back the healthy green in your trees and shrubs.

Discount Plantings fertilizer:

  • is all organic.
  • contains healthy nutrients – no chemicals – all organic.
  • brings back healthy color and lushness.
  • builds stronger roots.
  • is safe for all plants and trees.

We offer year-round and seasonal services, including Spring & Fall Fertilization to keep trees nourished and Winter protective sprays to coat the trees and help retain moisture during the harsh winter weather. Learn more about Winterization.

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